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From the brewing

from simple stovetop percolators to professional grade espresso machines and everything in between

... to the coffee

from Hawaii to Costa Rica, from Brazil to Indonesia, from mild to wild, from bean to grind, and everything in between

... to the accessories

and everything else you need or desire, to prepare and enjoy a perfect cup of coffee or espresso.

What is Coffee Lass?
A place where you can find coffee and coffee accessories from dozens of merchants and hundreds of brands, all on one site. Browse by category to find what you like, then click on the picture to go directly to the merchant's site and buy what you want.

What makes it coffee? defines coffee as:

  1. The "beans" or "berries" (pyrenes) obtained from the drupes of a small evergreen tree of the genus Coffea, growing in Abyssinia, Arabia, Persia, and other warm regions of Asia and Africa, and also in tropical America. [1913 Webster +PJC]
  2. The coffee tree. [1913 Webster]
  3. a social gathering at which coffee is served, with optional other foods or refreshments. [PJC]
  4. The beverage made by decoction of the roasted and ground berry of the coffee tree. [1913 Webster]
  5. a cup of coffee[3], especially one served in a restaurant; as, we each had two donuts and a coffee; three coffees to go. [PJC]
  6. also the name of counties in Georgia, Tennessee and Alabama (fun but pointless fact)