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Coffee By Flavor

  • Latte: One part espresso, four parts steamed milk
  • Latte Macchiato: Heated milk topped with one teaspoon of espresso
  • Latteccino: One part espresso, one part foamed milk, two parts steamed milk
  • Grande: Sixteen ounce beverage (one cup liquid = 8 oz)
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Love Iced Coffee?

  • Love iced coffee but hate wimpy diluted iced coffee? Brew a pot of mild or light medium roast, let it cool, then freeze most of it in ice cube trays. When it's iced coffee time, the coffee cubes provide the cooling without watering down your favorite brew. Pick a roast that won't conflict with what you'll be cooling down. I like to use Yuban to make my cubes but have been known to make my cubes from generic supermarket instant coffee. Don't judge me too harshly; it works beautifully even with delicate flavored brews like Chocolate Raspberry.