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Personal Experience with Single-Serving Coffees

I spent quite a few years travelling on business and memorizing the interior spaces of way too many hotel chains. One thing they all had in common, though (or most of them), were itty bitty "four-serving" personal coffee pots, fueled by those little tear-here packets of Regular or Decaf.

That's four servings if you are an elf using teensy weensy folded-up leaves as coffee cups. If you're a human (and many of us are), that four servings is just barely enough to get the eyelids pried apart well enough to find more tear-here packets and brew up a second or third pot.

Now, to add insult to injury, there are these weird little inventions with cute little names like Senseo and Tassimo, SINGLE serving things that are supposed to brew one cup of coffee each. This sounds great in theory.

Great if you have a very good supply of those little disc things they can't seem to survive without.

But what if you run out of little disc things, and all you have is a big two-pound can of Folgers?

It sounds like there's a compatibility competition going on between brands of one-serving coffeemakers and their single-serve things. Remember Sony Betamax versus VHS format for video systems? Same same. T-pads for Tassimo, K-cups for Keurig, pods for Senseo, and the list may go on. I don't know which works with what or the other, and I won't be the first kid on my block to find out the hard way.

But I digress. There are several single-serve systems out there, and they all seem to be similar yet different yet the same. I'll dig up some facts and factoids and throw them in here as I find sense to the situation.