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Coffee By Variety

  • Corretto: Espresso topped with cognac, brandy or other liqueur
  • Creme: Espresso topped with heavy cream
  • Frappuccino:Crushed iced mixture of coffee, milk, flavoring
  • Freddo: Espresso chilled and served over ice
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Coffee is Coffee... right?

Not at all. Coffee varieties fall into a few broad categories:
  • Americas - moderate to medium, grown primarily in Costa Rica, Guatemala, Colombia (may also be classified as arabica or robusta)
  • Arabicas - strong to very strong, grown primarily in Kenya, Ethiopia, Zimbabwe, Tanzania
  • Pacificas - extremely full-bodied, grown in Java, Sumatra, New Guinea, Sulawesi
  • Kona- extremely expensive, heavily aromatic, known as Certified Hawaiian Kona but can be found in less pricey blends
  • Blue - very expensive, strongly aromatic, medium strength, known as Certified Jamaica Blue Mountain but can be found in less pricey blends